This is a sample project to illustrate some of the basic create, update & delete (CRUD) operations whilst using the Nancy Web Framework and the Super Simple View Engine. The project also makes use of the following packages:

Latest source code for this project will be published on bitbucket.


The following operations have been developed to illustrate approach & techniques using the above packages:

Operation URL Structure Example Description
View All People /people/list/ Example To list / view multiple records from the database.
View Person /people/{id}/ Example To view a single record from the database.
Add Person /people/add/ Example To create a new record within the database.
Edit Person /people/{id}/edit/ Example To edit an existing record within the database.
Delete Person /people/{id}/delete/ Example To delete an existing record from the database.


The above example links assume a person record with an ID of 1 exists for the Edit & Delete operations. All other actions / links are based on data as present in the database.